Botanical Name: Carya spp.

Brief Description and Notes: Excellent nut to forage in early fall. Look for trees with nuts that have already fallen to the ground. There are many species of Hickory, but probably the most common and tasty to find is the Shagbark Hickory (Carya ovata). As the name implies, the peeling bark is a good identification point. Also look for compound leaves with 5 leaflets. 

Where To Look For It: Deciduous woods, stream banks, along roads, possibly cultivated food forests

Ornamental Value: Grows up to 90 ft, long lived, provides fall color 

Ecological Value & Roles: Many birds and mammals enjoy the seeds

Edibility and Other Human Use: Excellent nuts for fall food source. Also a very strong wood with high fuel value. There are a variety of ways to crack the nuts to extract the nut meats. 



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