We are the nonprofit branch of the Eating for the Ecosystem tree. We are committed to learning how to make life changes–from really small to really big–that strengthen our ecosystems. Through educational experiences, community engagement, research, and online resources we provide opportunities for anyone to cultivate stronger people-plant relationships.

Ecology researchers and plant-focused practitioners generally operate in disparate silos of knowledge, belief, and action. We create a bridge between the latest research about the causes and consequences of ecological devastation and the daily practices employed by gardeners, landscapers, and arborists. We are focused on long-term results, with a commitment to preserving outcome data, maintaining project sites as needed, and ensuring future sustainability for our programs.

Our programs include:

  • Online resources
  • Hands-on workshops
  • Research into the labor markets for landscaping, arboriculture, and agriculture
  • Partnership with Bulbs not Bullets
  • Philly Women Outdoors

We Value…

• Learning and sharing knowledge about how to strengthen our ecosystems.
• The wellbeing of the human and more-than-human communities in which we live.
• The development of food systems that promote human equitability and respect for the beings who we make our food and the land we share.
• Local measures to mitigate and adapt to the effects of global climate change.

Who We Serve

The world is full of people, only some of whom are human. We at EFTE-ARE are committed to strengthening relationships between all kinds of people, including human people. Indeed, fostering healthy ecosystems requires fostering healthy human communities. Our hands-on workshops are offered to people who live in the Philadelphia metro area and surrounding communities. We are particularly interested in engaging diverse communities. Our research events are offered to
researchers, students, and practitioners in the northeast US and eventually nationally and internationally. Our online resources are available to any interested visitors.


We humans and our other-than-human neighbors are members in equal standing of the biotic community. We live together, routinely interacting in networks of reciprocity that form and reform the habitats we share. EFTE-ARE seeks to maintain and strengthen these networks. This supports community vitality and healthy ecosystems.